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Voicemail transcription and dictation with no hardware or software required - its VoVision VM

Version 1 now available!

Are you still listening to voicemail?

Do you or your support staff have to keep track of dictation hardware or software?

Do you have 3 different phones with 3 different voicemails you need to check constantly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need VoVision’s voicemail transcription product, VoVision VM.  VoVision VM is a hosted voicemail solution.  This means that it is possible to use our system with no additional hardware or software.  As long as you have a computer with an internet connection, you can use VoVision VM.

VoVision VM transcribes your voicemails and displays each file with its respective audio online for you and your support staff to read, correct, email and print.  If you are in an industry where it is important to have paper or electronic transcripts of voicemails, then VoVision VM is the only solution for you.  You can even save your transcripts directly to a document management system for easy storage and retrieval.  With custom options available, we can tailor VoVision VM to any environment or be up and running in just days.

Are you still using complicated dictation software that only works with a fancy microphone and a fast computer?  Or are you using a tape recorder to dictate?  Now all you need is your phone.  Simply pick up any phone and dial your personal number (localized for you or toll free) and you or your support staff will receive the voicemail almost instantly.  Not only is it easy to listen to your voicemail online or on the phone, but the first draft is already transcribed for you.  If you are still using old dictation methods you are losing both time and money.  With VoVision VM, secretaries can continue working and take a break when they are notified of a new file, make corrections on line and complete letters, transcripts, whatever needs dictation.

Have you ever been in an important meeting, insurance call or courtroom and wanted a transcript without having to call a court reporter?  Dial your personal number, put it on speaker phone and in minutes you will have a complete recording and transcript that your support staff can correct.  If you are a court reporter looking for a way to save time and complete more jobs with less work, see our product specially designed for you, VoVision CR.