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VoVision LLC was born in 2005 when an older analog brain and a younger digital brain forged a partnership determined to resolve a current problem with cutting edge technology.  When a small law firm in Madison, WI decided it was simply too time consuming to spend an hour or more each day listening to voice mail, taking notes or transcribing the voice mail to provide a record for the file, it chose to eliminate voice mail and simply have a receptionist forward basic return call information.  As the firm and the attendant phone calls and phone lines grew, a better solution was needed.  

Into the breach came the law firm’s then file clerk, now IT assistant.  He believed that  a hosted, self training, easily corrected, voice independent system which did not require new hardware or software could be created. One of the law firm’s  partners agreed, and the two of them created VoVision, LLC.  Within the first year, they had developed the first and only system with all the elements they wanted.

VoVision provides a time and money saving solution without  adding IT equipment and attendant problems.  If you have internet, if you have telephones,  you need VoVision.