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VoVision Voice to Text System
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Welcome to the world's most advanced dictation and transcription system

"...a new Vision for voice transcription technology"


VoVision Is It.

Our solution is hosted, which means no new hardware and no new software. That’s right, a voice transcription system that does not require equipment purchase, installation and maintenance. You simply use your phone.

If you are already using a VOIP product, we can integrate easily into your system. If you have one of many PBX phone systems we can effectively create a “virtual” VIP to easily integrate our product to your system.

If you or your staff spend any time listening to and either taking notes from or transcribing voice mails, you can expect to cut your labor at least in half and have a text message and wave file that can be saved and searched. Even more amazing, every time you correct a phone message to exactly track the voice mail, it trains your system.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your business run better with VoVision!

Have questions about this emerging new technology? Read more about how computer assisted transcription and dictation works here.

Why is VoVision the only provider of this technology?

VoVision’s proprietary product has been developed only recently. While various products and services have provided portions of what VoVision can do, none have been able provide an immediate transcription which can be saved, searched and corrected as easily as VoVision can. Equally important, no other product increases its accuracy as you make the possible few corrections to the voice mail transcriptions. No other product provides such easy correction with the ability to go directly to the part of the voice mail related to the word or words being questions.

The audio quality and processor load required to accomplish this have been addressed only by VoVision, by leveraging our secure hosted environment and using state of the art server technology. This unique, new technology and process has overcome the previous barriers to useful voice mail transcription.

Do I have to train my voice to your system?

Unlike most voice recognition and digital transcription systems, VoVision does not require training to each individual’s voice. Instead VoVision uses independent voice models. What does that mean to you? Regardless of who is calling, the end user should experience around 80% accuracy in the first one or two transcripts. With each correction, the system builds the voice model for all users across the system.

Why is VoVision not 100% accurate the first few times?

With slang and external noise voice recognition may never reach 100% accuracy, but with the ability to train itself based on user corrections, it can approach 100%. Instead of requiring 100% accuracy to be useful and labor saving, VoVision provides convenient easy-to-use click correction technology for making the corrections. Combined with the internal training, and our easy to access hosted solution, it is not necessary that the service provide 100% accuracy to be cost effective and labor saving for businesses of all sizes.

How easy is it to use VoVision? This sounds technical.

VoVision’s technical back end remains under our supervision at our secure location. Your end users have to know how to access the internet and/ or check their email, and how to type, save and organize your messages. The “click correction” process involves clicking on a menu of options for playing all or part of a voice mail, and for where the transcribed message is to be saved.

Those dictating information need to know how to pick up a phone, dial the assigned number and dictate. The person transcribing the dictation needs to know how to access the internet and/ or check their e-mail, listen and type. It is that simple. VoVision establishes the connection between the phone and its secure servers.

What does a hosted solution really mean?

This means that all you need is a phone or phone system and internet access. You are given a login and password that allows you access to the secure correction system for your account. We can display multiple voicemail boxes for secretaries and transcriptionists with large job pools or just one user. If useful, we can provide a voicemail box without a phone, which can retrieve messages for our server.

Who can benefit from VoVision?

Any person, business or industry which needs to transcribe voice to text. We believe VoVision will become a worldwide term used to synonymously with voice to text transcription. It has applications in the medical, legal, government and financial fields. There is no limit, however, to where this system can be used. Contact us if you have a need for voice to become text. We can integrate with any system that has computer access or a way to get audio files onto a computer. VoVision is adaptable to almost any environment with internet access.

How much do I have to pay for this service?

For most users there is a set up fee and a a monthly subscription fee, the amount of which is determined by the number of users and the volume of files. Some users, such as court reporters, have a unique billing methods for their clients, and our fee can be adapted to track their billing methodology.

The real question is not how much do you have to pay for VoVision’s service. Instead the relevant questions are:

How much time will be saved using VoVision?

How beneficial is it to be able to save, organize and search voice mail messages?

How beneficial is to dictate over any phone to any place in the world, and to have the transcription time cut by at least half?

Does VoVision allow us to provide our clients with services not previously provided, such as the ability to leave voice mail messages, the ability to receive transcribed reports quickly, the ability to receive information that would normally be mailed to the client, electronically?

How much money can I show my employer we are saving by using this service?
When the costs related to each of these questions is considered, the cost to use VoVision’s hosted service is comparatively small.